Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 8

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

I seek an answer, from my subconscious mind; seeing as my conscious mind is subject to distraction.  what would I do? How far would I go? What would I give to have freedom? – Khris Walker.

Xander was at it again.

“This little green serpent has grown into a full cobra with fangs” he then points at Zasha “your little precious earthlings have become a problem…. Just like I predicted”

The council head was a-buzz as decisions were being made… meanwhile Zasha kept quiet throughout the proceedings. Just then Curt, Jessica and Steve were ushered in in binds.

“Well well….  The lovers and the loyal best friend”

They immediately noticed the voice… the usual male Russian baritone voice.

“You’re the council head?” Curt asked.

“We are” replied Zasha “And you have committed a great offence amongst many” she then turns to the council head “Of course the punishment is death… unless of course the council head decides that these ones here are talented and their deaths would mean a loss to the new world”

“This is preposterous” Xander shouted “It’s your blind love for these earthlings that has led us to this ridiculous place!!”

“Earthlings?” said Jessica

“Yes… earthlings. We are not as narrow minded as you earthlings…….”

“Xander!” Zasha countered.

“What? You’re afraid of them knowing? They already know about the dome and the outside world”

“Yes…. But if we wipe their memories and give them another chance!!”

“Zasha!!” The supreme elder was obviously upset “They’ve had enough chances to derail from their chosen paths. We have watched without their knowledge….

All these years. They defy medications; they would still pose a threat to the order of things if we wiped their memories and left them alive… it doesn’t change who they are”

Steve was beginning to sob now…

“The decision has been made. We would have to send them to the other new world”

Jessica scoffed

“Kill us you mean?”

“If that term suits you better, then yes my dear” Xander said looking pleased “We would have to kill you”

They were panicking now, Steve especially; he sobbed harder now.

“If we’re going to die, then I think we deserve to know the truth at least” Curt demanded.

“You have no right to a request” Xander lashed.

“He’s a dauntless… a soldier of the new world….” Jessica said but was interrupted by Xander

“Was… A dauntless, he’s gone against his code of conduct and thus lost every right!!”

“Enough Xander!” Zasha’s voice sounded pained but her expression was straight still – she continued “We are from another world. Not a world that you humans have discovered.

We are guardians of the orbit and we watched as you humans, priding yourselves as a superior specie ruined the planet earth.”

She paused to let them take what she had said in then continued “you humans are primitive, worse than any other living creature in any planet. Your emotions, your pride, your selfishness, your quest for power, your foolhardy behavior, your recklessness have been your own undoing.

We couldn’t watch the planet fall to ruin under your control – we decided to bring reform. So I lived amongst you, learned your ways, watched as you killed each other out of envy and greed, destroyed your eco system without considering the repercussions, fought wars and cheated yourselves; it was pathetic to say the least so we modified your ways to form a world where there was more control”

“Your time with them has rubbed off on you; you now feel” Xander uttered the word feel with much disgust.

“I resent your implication Xander!’

“There’s no need to start a quarrel, the judgment has been passed” the Supreme elder said “Take them away”

Curt saw a key dangling off Zasha; it wasn’t actually a proper key, it was all silver and had a star on the end, then he remembers the boundary of the dome, it had a point with a star; he didn’t think it was a key hole up until now as they were being taken away – awaiting inevitable death. He knew the time was now or never.

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