Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 7

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

Rules were made for the lawless. I am a lawmaker by nature. It’s no wonder I and my kind don’t follow rules because how can we follow rules that weren’t made for us? – Allen Walker  

Weeks pass and their love grew stronger. They had more frequent meetings. Jessica laughed more often. She was happier. Of course she was.

The holiday Virtushappened every 17th July. It was a time of celebration of the physical and moral excellence of the people of the new world but unlike the holidays of the mortal world, there were no parties or noise… everyone simply stayed home with their characteristic pair or their assigned families.

Curt chose the company of Steve and Jessica (of course).

“Are you sure Michael and Warren won’t mind?” Steve said

“They chose their assigned families” Said Curt “I’m next to be assigned a partner” He looks at Jessica

“Well I hope they find you one who matches properly” Jessica said with a painful look on her face

She was hurting because she knew she might not be his pair. Nobody really had a choice…. Except the council head, and their decisions were final.

“Yeah… it’ll be a shame if it isn’t Jessica” Steve said then added in a whisper “Can’t waste this love now can we?”

They both looked at him surprised. “I’m not stupid Jessica… I know you. I’m not against it though… I haven’t been a saint either” he winks at them.

“um…… could you excuse us for a minute Steve, I hope you don’t mind?” Curt said.

“Of course…. Don’t go making babies now” he added playfully then left.

Curt pulls Jessica aside and starts in a hushed tone:

“I found a way Jess… we could leave… we don’t have to be controlled anymore. We could live our lives the way we want!!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I went to the boundary. We’re in a dome Jess!!” She gasps “That’s why they don’t bring the boundary dauntless back to the new world or let them mingle with anyone other than a boundary dauntless”

He was hissing frantically now “There’s another world outside this world that the council head has kept from everyone. We could escape, I just have to figure out a way to escape this dome, then we can run away and start a new life”

She was aghast.

“How is the outside world like?” she asks thoughtfully “what if the dome and the council head are protecting us? Maybe there’s no living creature outside the dome”

“Then why are they protecting the boundaries? I think they are trying to stop the outside world from getting in and the inside from getting out…. That means there’s an outside world!!, with people in it”

“I don’t know Curt…. Nobody goes against the council head… What if we’re caught?”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course… with all of my being”

“Then trust me, we would have our life together” She smiled broadly at the prospect but suddenly frowns

“Curt Morris and Jessica Gilbert!!, your attention is needed at the council head now!” the dauntless had Steve by the arm and Steve had a scared expression.

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