Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 6

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

Humans need saving, from themselves. I fear that if the world is left in our hands, then ruin is inevitable…. The problem is, we don’t think we have a problem. – Allen Walker

Meanwhile in the council head

“I still maintain that we should stop using the pills and wipe their memories and emotions totally” the argument was getting heated.

“If you do that, you’d take away the very essence of their humanity. We’re trying to preserve mankind not eradicate it” Zasha knew that Xander wanted control of the human race; she didn’t support him, and that angered him, but they were both assigned with the responsibility of saving humans from themselves, she couldn’t go on without him.

“These humans are complex” Xander explained “look at Jessica…. For several years now, there hadn’t been a rebel; everyone took their pills and acted accordingly. I suggest we end them; her, Steve and Curt…. We can’t have them polluting the others”

“Steve is under control” Zasha defended “Curt too…. We can still control them!!!”

“Enough!!!!” The supreme elder screamed from the table of silently humming elders.

“No one is getting wiped out. Zasha points out their humanity, that’s what we’re trying to preserve; we didn’t come here to invade them and make robots out of them.”

Then added with an air of finality “The elders have concluded… we watch them, and control things……. Without killing anyone”

“I hope we don’t regret the decision made here today” Xander said then after an angry glance at Zasha, he left.

“I worry about the future of the new world Zasha” said the supreme leader “Xander is power driven. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring us to ruin.”


The dauntless camp was beautiful with soldiers littered in their individual booths with their black camo, looking strong and neat, arranging their boxes and bed spaces. Everything was clean.

Curt felt he was meant to be here; there was barely violence in the new world… everyone did what was expected and were paid with enough and took their pills so nobody stole, or felt the need to start a terrorist group, or became a psychopath killer.

They were paired when they became of age for marriage and it was their duty to care for their partners. People didn’t feel love and thus jealousy couldn’t be bred or lead to violent thoughts towards a competitor, nobody competed.

Everyone was civilized, nobody discriminated colors or races or tribes, they all spoke the same language; but then there’s the need for the dauntless, order could be disrupted at any time and they were there to maintain and monitor it.

“I bet there’s more action at the boundary” Curt said to Warren who was also taking in the view of the camp “We’re to maintain order in the new world, I wonder what’s at the boundary”

“I don’t. I’m content with the position I was given” Warren then added “Sometimes I wonder Curt; you’re different. You speak of things the rest of us don’t think about”

“I don’t know why Warren…. I sometimes… never mind.” He didn’t know how Warren would react if he told him he felt sometimes.

Warren would most likely report it. He had been taking his medications religiously but then sometimes he was just different.

“Where’s Michael anyways?” Warren asked

“Right here” Michael said from behind them. He had just arrived “This is it. Our place in the new world”.

Curt couldn’t sleep…. It was his second month in the dauntless duty, he had barely crossed paths with Jessica but she somehow stayed on his mind.

“I’d go find her tomorrow” he thought “whatever this connection is, I’d find out and probably get the answer to the many questions in my head.”

And so he did.

Jessica was having a bad day (as always) as she went on with the laundry. She didn’t know which annoyed her more, that she wasn’t made a dauntless or that she was instead given laundry.

She struggled to keep her disgust from showing on her face as she folds the sheets on her table when she got startled from her thoughts by a voice that sounded familiar and gave her chills, the voice of a dauntless; had they come to take her to the council head?


She turns around with a courageous look on her face, better to be taken brave. She was taken aback as she turned.

“I request your audience Miss Jessica” said the dauntless sternly

She follows without uttering a word then saw Mrs. Fontaine from the side of her eyes; she looked like she thought it was overdue for Jessica to be taken to the council head.

They walk a while without uttering a word to each other until they got to her house then they got in and closed the door behind them.

A dauntless is not to be seen having leisure conversations with a female that wasn’t matched with him.

“Hi Jessica” the dauntless finally said.

“Hi Curt…… you mustn’t be caught breaking the law you know”

“Nice to see you too. I’ve missed you”

Her heart leapt inside her… did he remember their love? But it’s impossible, unless he’d been skipping his meds, and a dauntless never skips their meds.

“I thought I should… see you… you know… how you’re doing” he wanted so bad to touch her. And just as if she read his mind, she kisses him then let’s go suddenly.

“I’m sorry” she said.

He leans over and kisses her; they’re in each other’s arms… taking in each other’s breath and essence; he takes her up in his arms and places her on the couch, his hands working around her blouse; they’re both out of their clothes breathing heavily.

She suddenly grabs his hands and stares in his eyes… and without a spoken word, they make love… her fingers digging into the couch as she lets out gentle moans of ecstasy.

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