Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 5

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

When you choose to be different from the general populace, they judge you and make you an outcast… but I don’t see the reason why you would stop being different. Allen Walker

The next morning in Curts room;

“I wonder what happened yesterday” Curt mused.

“Those pictures that flashed in my mind, I can’t exactly recall; but then whatever it was, she obviously didn’t want to continue with it.” He sighs and goes to the bathroom – he takes his orange can and takes one among its contents then downs it with a glass of water. It’s probably best the way things were; for today, duty begins.

Same morning in Jessica’s room;

“I wonder if he remembers like I do” she thought.

“why does it feel right? And totally wrong at the same time – we’re not supposed to remember; but why not?”

She gets up and walks to the bathroom amidst her thoughts, finds her orange can; opens it and takes the pill out holding it at eye level.

“This is the real problem…. I can’t live like this” She knew the sensor in the mirror opposite her would ring and alert the council head that she hadn’t taken her morning medication so she pretends to put it down her throat but stores it below her tongue…. She would discard it after leaving.

There was nothing new about today, it was the same as it had always been.

“Good morning Mrs.  Fontaine” she cheerfully greeted her ward mate.

“Hey Jessie…. Good morning. You’re late.” Mrs. Fontaine replied

Mrs. Fontaine like everyone else in the new world was devoted to her ward; she laughed when necessary (which was scarcely) and kept a straight but calm face every other time. She seemed lacking of gut feelings. She acted like a program… just like everyone else.

“I got caught up with house cleaning; took a little longer” she couldn’t really say she hated her ward now could she? You are expected to love whatever ward was assigned you and do your best at it.

She goes to the same table as Mrs. Fontaine and joins her with folding the clothes.

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