Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 4

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

A human without purpose is a dead human. Purpose gives us a reason to be alive because without something to do or look forward to, why then are we conscious? – Khris Walker

By 8:00 am, everyone is at convergence looking smart in all green camouflages and receiving orders being screamed directly at them by a Caucasian man with a face as hard as the marbles of the new world in black camouflage with black boots saying his name was Captain.

“You have been assigned to a disciplinary unit!!; that means that by the end of 6 months, you will be an embodiment of discipline!!!

It would run in you!! You will be it!!!” Captain seemed angry… but he was always angry, they just didn’t know him yet.


As time passed in the dauntless camp, Curt forgot about his feelings for Jessica. He had been taking his meds, and then the training…… he was becoming a well-groomed new world robot.

On the other side of the new world, Jessica had been taken to the infirmary a couple more times and she was on controlled med appointments, Steve too. Feelings always has a way of reflecting in our behaviors, making us less robot and more……… human.

3 months passed… Then 4 months… then 5 months… then 6.

“Today, you have been bestowed with the position of an official dauntless. The rest of the new world are enjoined to witness the new military future!!!”.

The Russian baritone man sounds the same way every time. Maybe there’s a Russian man in the council head behind the mic, giving orders and sounding the same every day. Or maybe it’s been prerecorded. None the less, the Russian continues;

“You will receive your black camouflage today…. You’re officially a soldier of the new world.” There was applause.

They had all barely seen anyone from the council head. They only follow orders from screens and speakers and soldiers…. And medications.

“Congratulations Curt” Steve said officially and they shook hands.

“We’ve been anticipating your return.” Said Jessica as she extends her hand for a handshake.

“Thanks guys” said Curt as he extends his hand to Jessica and on touching her hand, he felt some kind of warmth…. Memories flashed. He felt…… love, for her – he wonders if she remembered too as he looks into her eyes and he confirms… she remembered too for she had the same look on her face as he had.

“Um…… this is where you both let go.” Steve said observing them suspiciously.

They let go and Jessica immediately begins to walk away… Steve runs after her with a quizzical look on his face. “what’s wrong Jess?” He asked. She looks at him and says… “I don’t know Steve”

She had remembered her feelings for Curt, but she felt as if as some form of duty to forget the feelings. The council head didn’t encourage such.  

The council head. Nobody knew who ruled in it, who was in charge; nobody asked anyways, everyone followed without question.

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