Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 10

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

Life’s mystery is not to be known. The future is not readily foretold from the past. And I wonder maybe its better if we don’t know what’s coming.

Khris Walker

The passage way was dark…. This was the first place Curt had been to in the new world that was dark during the day. He moves along feeling in front of him and at the walls… perhaps he should’ve been cautious about the floor as he falls over into a dark hole on the ground.

The black hole felt like a tunnel, a very long and seemingly unending tunnel. He falls through until he could see rays of light ahead and then ‘thump’ he falls on a hard surface, the new world’s ever white marble.


Steve and Jessica were just ahead, Steve was hissing something furiously at Jessica… he looked scared and Jessica seemed to be calming him. Curt picks himself and his gun up and looking around, runs towards them.

“What if they show up? We’ll be shot Jess!!”

“Relax Steve, I’m also scared. We’ll be alright.” She worries if she was right to think they’d be alright, how would Curt survive the Council head and the many dauntless that’ll be looking for them? Did he see the escape door she left open for him? “Curt would be here with the key soon; we’ll soon be out of here”

Just then, Curt came running up

“Jess!! Steve!!”

“Christ! Curt! You made it” Steve was happy he made it

“O my God Curt!!… are you alright?” She was surprised he survived all that as she walks towards him trying to look him over as if to make sure he hadn’t been shot

“I’m okay… we can’t lose time. We need to leave to that big tree that looks like a fist over there” he pointed out to a tree looking as much a tree as a big, green, leafy clenched fist.

All three set out in a run with Steve running behind Jessica and Curt and freedom was a couple of more steps away.

“We’re almost there Steve!!” Jessica said panting and running

“This is too easy guys!!” Steve said between breaths and just then, the air whooshed past making all three to stop; first Jessica looks at Curt, then they both looked behind at Steve and Jessica gasped; Steve had a bullet hole in the neck with blood pouring out from it. There was a sniper.

“Steve!!” She makes to run back to Steve but Curt holds her back

Steve looked confused, he kept putting his hand to his neck and staring at the blood on them and then he tries to speak but splurts blood instead from the hole in his neck and his mouth and finally fell face first to the ground, the floor now wine colored and more blood splurting from the hole in his neck.

“No Jess! We can’t save him”

“What are you saying? Our friend is dying on the ground in front of us and we’re not trying to help!”

“Help how Jess?! He’s dead, and the sniper that shot him would shoot us too if we don’t run… Now! “

She looks back at Steve and just then sees the many dauntless in their black camo and boots fanning out from every corner then turns to run with Curt.

They run as fast as they can then arrive the tree and walk past it to feel an invisible wall with a star lock and just then, the air whooshed again and Curt gave a large painful yell… he had been hit in the stomach and was now on the ground; immediately Jessica rushes after the key and inserts it into the lock.

The part of the invisible wall with the lock began to go up like a garage door. She figured it took the sniper time to shoot again after shooting Steve, maybe he’s slow or needs to reload. She takes the key out and bends to drag her lover outside the dome and away from those monsters before the sniper can shoot again.

She grabs him by the shoulder and drags him on the white marble towards the outside world hoping the sniper wouldn’t shoot them before they made it out; past the garage door, outside – whoosh!! The air was pierced through again and this time, the projectile nested in the left corner of Jessica’s neck.

She drops down next to Curt and a big splurt of blood escaped out from her mouth. The dauntless were approaching fast and Curt and herself were both immobile, staring into each others eyes…

“Don’t.. Let… them… take… us… C.. urt” she struggled to speak as more blood spewed out from her mouth… the white marble was now wine colored again…. With blood… only this wasn’t a birth as was the time of her deflowering when their love was birthing… this in fact was the opposite.

“I won’t live without you” Curt said as he takes a pistol out and aims it at Jessica’s head then takes her left hand into his.

“Stop right now!! Drop the weapon!!” they had to be taken alive

Jessica takes out her own pistol and aims at Curt’s head

“I love you Curt…” she was fading off from the injury on her neck, only struggling to keep her eyes open.

And before anyone could stop either of them, Pow!!!!

They shot each other in the head, hands held together and gazes locked.

They died!

The End!

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