Story: The New World by Allen Walker – Episode 9

The New world new story on Much More 9ja
The New world new story on More 9ja

The brave man faces his adversary and problems with a will to win. He really is not that strong, that’s really what makes him brave; his willingness to want to be strong and better no matter what.

Khris Walker

They were bound and being led away by two new world dauntless, down a white painted spiral staircase; their fates sealed. Steve looked pale beside Jessica and Jessica looked defeated for the first time.

Curt was in front with a dauntless on his left and the other dauntless by Jessica’s right; he was thinking fast.

No, they couldn’t just end like this… as the thought filled his head, he felt adrenaline rushing in his blood and as if by Impulse, he swayed with the full weight of his body and hit the guard on his left, driving him headfirst into the wall and knocking him out.

The one on the right took out a hard cable and made towards Curt whose hands were still bound behind his back but then Jessica pulled her foot in front of the charging dauntless…. Causing him to slip and Curt finished him off with a kick to the cranium. He was knocked out cold.

They didn’t have a lot of time, since the council head saw everything, it was only a matter of time before more soldiers would show up. He made quickly towards the key and set himself loose then Jessica and then Steve.

“Run Jess…. Run to the boundary now!”

“What about you?”

“I’ve got to go get the key”

“Where? The council head? That’s too risky” he throws her a gun.

“That’s our only way out. Go…. Now!!” she hesitates, then turns and runs.

He takes the gun and knife from the knocked out dauntless then starts to head back towards the council head with his heart in his mouth and his mind on his now unquenchable thirst for freedom.

He had barely taken 2 steps as he’s greeted by gunfire. He crouches by the left side of the wall and shoots the dauntless running wildly towards him; the corridor is crowded with gunfire from afar.

He shoots, he ducks, bullets were flying and two hit the wall above his head. He shoots one, then another; and then the third. Hewalks up the corridor a bit, he knows the one by the corner is alone. The other dauntless shoots, he ducks, he fires back, he had cleared the corridor.

He had limited time before the council head brings all the dauntless of the new world on him – he races up the spiral corridors all the way to the council head then pushes the doors open to meet Xander and Zasha staring down at him.

“Give me the key Zasha!!” Curt said with his weapon aiming at her.

“You have no right to speak her name with such disregard!!” Xander made to move forward but was kept back in place by an angry Curt aiming his weapon now at him.

“If I don’t get the key right now, I’d have to shoot the both of you… starting with you Xander”

“Go ahead earthling…. You’re an ungrateful kind already, of course you’d kill the ones who are helping you!!” Xander was equally furious.

“There’s really no need to shoot us” Zasha said as she produces the key from her white flowing gown, she still looked gracious even with a gun being aimed at her.

“What are you doing Zasha?”

“Its really nothing Xander…. I wonder if you’re ready to take what you find outside this dome Curt. The pollution, the corruption, the decay and lack of order; We are trying to save you, let us save you Curt”

“So there’s a world outside this one? I bet people won’t be controlled there. I’m sure I can choose to be with my love and really feel something for her”

“Well good luck then” Zasha said then threw the star end key to him – and he caught it.

“What have you done Zasha!!?” Xander looked like walking fury now, he could’ve burnt his white robe and trousers and shoe to tan black with his anger.

Curt turns immediately and as he leaves, he hears the sounds upstairs of boots marching and two dauntless taking loud orders from a very furious Xander.

“Shoot him on sight!!, he must not leave”

“Yes sir…. Dauntless one said

“We’ll find him sire” said dauntless two

He pauses suddenly….. Unless he was mistaken, weren’t those the voices of Michael and Warren?

There was no time to think as they were already after him. He runs as fast as he could, past the two previously knocked out dauntless and  just then, he saw a part of the wall looking like the edges of a door that wasn’t closed properly. A door same color with the wall.

In fact, it was in the wall… so he feels the door and finds a button, pushes it and the door opened like a garage door.

It went up and he passed through then it closed.

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