Edge Control (Short Story)

"You have so much edges Dinta, I want to control them..." Edge Control is about choices, money, family & the pursuit of happiness.
Edge Control

Enyo Dinta

A once upon a time lover, an asexual, the author of Holes Within, and Vain Intercourse, attached to nothing/nobody, I do not like my own company. I can try to love you, if you help me. I like bodies rubbing on bodies, why I love to create erotica.

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2 Responses

  1. Akpabio Michael says:

    Ese, you never mentioned about your dad being this Kind and generous

    1.5M can unblind a blind man not to talk of a prolific writer who needs sponsorships

    Who are thou not to see hw funny and sweet his tongue can be

  2. elvis emmanuel says:

    My man is finish ese sorry oh

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