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Once upon a time. I was on the move with Dad when we saw this woman in her 50s (a beautiful widow).

As soon as we passed her, Dad said; “if I were into women, I’d have had a relationship with that woman because she was interested in me. But I couldn’t because apart from the fact that I’m a family man, there are only two things a man can give to a woman:

  1. Time
  2. Money​

Which I have in limited supply”.

Now let’s move a little bit out of this story. Advance studies by various schools of thought say there are five love languages:

  1. Spending quality time​
  2. Act of service
  3. ​Words of affirmation/encouragement​
  4. Buying gifts​
  5. ​Touch (romance)​
Discover your Love language

Critically examining the list, we can say it’s a broad spectrum of Dad’s opinion.
Thus categorizing, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 will fall under ​time​ while Number 4 will fall under ​money​.

One can’t just wake up and say “My love language is this or that” because we exhibit all the love languages but in an order of hierarchy.
You can only know your love language by noting that which you exhibit often for those you ​care​ about or otherwise ​love;​ drawing a line for family, friends and those you are attracted to.

Hence the love language of an individual is the two major love languages he exhibits according to his hierarchy.

Everybody has two peculiar love languages which explains the way they display affection. In time past, I felt people buy gifts when they’ve caught feelings for someone to buy them.
However, understanding the concept of love language changed my perception.

Most children’s love language is ​the act of service​. You see them perhaps clear the dish you used in eating or wash your socks or dish without you asking, and you think they are seeking attention.

No friend! They care about you but don’t know how to express it. Of course, everybody in one way or the other loves attention; but ​we shouldn’t be quick in writing people off.

I’ve come to know that we are meant to complement each other. The reason we are different and thus unique.

​Pay attention!​

We are what we constantly do.​

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