Exclusive Interview with Miss Mercy Daves, Face of Valentine 2020

Exclusive Interview with Miss Mercy Daves, Winner, Face of Valentine 2020 Online Photo Contest Powered By More 9ja

Congratulations for Winning More 9ja Face of Valentine 2020 Online Photo Contest.
We would love to know more about your Personality, Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Miss Daves Timilehin Mercy by name, born march 19th, an IJMB student and also into modelling. I’m Yoruba by tribe, Precisely from Ogun State but currently reside at Niger state, Minna.

Wow what an amazing Personality we have here, What’s your relationship status?

I’m single, not in any relationship for now.

Our audience would be wondering why a gorgeous young lady like you would be single.
Can you share why you are not currently dating or in a relationship?

I’m actually not in any relationship because it’s not my priority for now.
Though I have someone I like, that keeps helping me in whatever I need advice and so on and he do understand dating is currently not my priority right now so he agreed to wait till I’m ready, of which I really appreciate.

What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobby and interest is modeling, I love modeling and I really want to become a successful and a famous model and also represent the country.

What are your career goal(s)?

My career goal is to be a successful sociologist alongside my modelling career.

Why did you choose sociology as a career path?

Sociology prepares you for a life time of change, it helps develop one’s appreciation of learning, love, diversity, writing , studying and so on.
It teaches how to relate with people, human behaviour and the society.
My passion to relate better with humans made me fall in love with the course and I decided to go for it.

What’s your definition of Valentine?

1st John4vs 8-12 Talks about God’s love for us. To me valentine is all about celebrating the love of God for us.

Do u believe one can find love on valentine day?

No, I don’t think so reason being that the youths and teens of nowadays think Valentine is all about sex or a perfect time to lose one’s virginity and of course most guys use the opportunity to get pleasure with no intention of love.

What’s the connection with the colour red and valentine?

Red symbolizes passion and deep love and Valentine is all about love.

Imagine you’re expecting a gift from your date on Valentine’s day and it never comes, what would be your reaction?

I would feel really bad and possibly get angry.

What’s your ideal Valentine date?

Just being with who ever makes me happy, talk and take pictures would be ok for me.

How did you spend your Valentine and was the previous year better than this year?

I spent my whole day reading, my previous Valentine was much better than this year’s.

Who’s your ideal Spouse?

My number one spec is Integrity, my ideal spouse should be a man of integrity.

Away from Valentine and Love, what’s your ideology about life?

Well for me, Life is a game.

Wow, Nice ideology about life.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years time?

Wow, I see myself in the next five years as a great person, a star, and a trillionaire.

Wow such big dreams, They say a real dream should be bigger than you and that seems perfect to chase after.
Can you tell us how you got to Know about the contest and what motivated you?

Sure, I got to know about the contest on More 9ja Facebook Page.
I wanted contesting for the January edition but i could not so when i saw the announcement for this edition I decided to give it a try.
My sole motivation for this Contest was my dad’s words urging me to always be the best, this gave me the courage to keep pushing despite other contestant’s votes.

What can you say about the Organization of the Contest and do you have any words for the organizers?

The contest was well organized and I want to thank More 9ja for organizing this contest and for the chance to participate.

How do feel emerging the Winner and what do you plan to do with the platform the contest has given you?

I feel very happy, I intend using the opportunity to my advantage as it’s a dream come true to be signed into an agency and be an influencer for a product or service.

Before you go, who do you want to send a shout out to?

Thank you, my shout out goes to my Mum, I want to thank her for her encouragement and support towards my modeling career.

Thanks for your time and Once again, Congratulations, We wish you more wins!

Thank you too!

You can connect with Miss Mercy on Instagram @daves-mercyt


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