Exclusive: Meet 10 year old Talented Maryann

Talented Maryann

We have here in our midst, a young and intelligent child comedian, Let’s get to know her better in an exclusive interview.

Hello Dear, It’s nice having you here.
Please can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m Maryann Ikechukwu aka Talented Maryann, from Isuofia in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra state, but I’m based in Lagos State.

I’m Ten years old and the forth child of a family of five. I am also a JSS 1 student of Jay Academy.  I’m a comedian.

What a young and brilliant personality we have here.

When did you start comedy and who or what inspired you?

I started comedy this year. Actually what inspired me is that, I love making people happy. And I thought of how to use just some few seconds or minutes and make people smile.

It all started when a relative of mine packed in to our neighborhood. He use to come to our house and sometimes to our shop. Each time he came, he would be telling me that I am very funny.

He laughs loud at anything I do. So, on a particular day, we were watching Xploit Comedy, he now asked me if I can act comedy. I said yes with full assurance. He said he will look into that. The following week, he came up with a concept and we kicked off.

Your story can attest to the fact that success is bound to happen when desire meets opportunity.

What are your hobbies and what else do you love doing apart from comedy?

My hobbies are dancing and reading novels. Apart from comedy, I love Music.

Who’s your role model in the entertainment industry?

I so much love MC Lively and Broda Shaggi. I love MC Edopikin. My role Models are people who ditch out good comedies.

How do you cope with comedy and your education?

I do rehearsals on Friday and we do video shot on Saturdays and Sunday. It doesn’t really affect my education but it has not been easy.

Sometimes, I do come back from school and run some shoots. It’s not really easy. But nothing good comes easily, so I just have to cope.

Who has been most supportive since you started your career?

My Director is extremely supportive to me. My parents are also greatly supportive. Sometimes, people around help me too.

What challenges have you encountered so far and how have you been tackling them?

One of my challenges for now is the fact that I lack some facilities and am planning to start travelling outside Lagos to act. The logistics is also another challenge. Inorder not for our challenges to restrict us, we have been making use of the facilities around us for now, pending on when we can get more equipment and the necessary logistics to act and shoot outside Lagos.

The entertainment industry is filled with many great talents like you, what makes you differrent and outstanding?

What makes me different and outstanding is that I believe in myself. I believe in what I do in my own different way. I don’t copy from people.

Being unique is special.

What will you like to become in the nearest future?

I will keep being an entertainer, I would love to be a musician.

Entertainment is a great choice of career.

Who is your favorite musician?

Tiwa Savage is my pick for Nigerian Music and Internationally, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

Wow! Cute choice of music.

What’s your ideology about life and where you intend to see yourself or what do you intend to achieve in the next 6-7 years?

Life is like a football game. It’s not all about running to score but being good and creative on how to score when the attackers and Midfielders join the defenders to stop you from scoring.

In the next 6 to 7 years, I see myself as a very famous superstar.

Such great perception about life tells how wise you are. Do you have any words of wisdom for us today?

He who laugh last laugh best, He who laugh last laugh best, na so Miriam take turn mad woman for street ooo

I must draw tattoo, I must arrange Dada, na so upcoming artist take turn native doctor ooh.

Talented Maryann, Wisdom Full your head o.
Do you write your scripts yourself?

Yes but most times, my director brings a written script. We look into it and decide on what to do.

What’s your favorite video so far?

My favourite video is AMERICANA. You can watch it on my Instagram page or YouTube channel.

And finally who do you want to send a shout out or special greetings to?

Yea, I would say a big shout out to M.C Casino, Dasaint, MC Edopikin, Edobabe and Home of laughter comedy.

I would also say a big shout out to all my fans and my potential fans worldwide. You guys are all amazing.

And also a big thank you to More 9ja for this opportunity.

God bless you all.

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