Avoid Having a Bad Day with this Simple Breakfast Guide

Breakfast Guide
Breakfast Guide

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and by all means, it is the most important. That is, even if you are going to skip every other meal for the day due to whatever reason it might be, you should never skip breakfast.

You will be wondering why I said you should never skip breakfast. Breakfast restocks your body with glucose, elevating your energy levels for the activities ahead of you for the day. I know you are already looking at me with a side eye, you are like ‘what does breakfast have to do with my activities for the day?’. Relax, I’m going to take you on a journey of the relationship between breakfast and your daily performance. Stay with me.

Importance of breakfast in the human body

Let’s assume you have a ‘refillable marker’ that you use at work. You and a colleague of yours used your markers for several hours yesterday till they ran out of ink. Now this morning, you got ready for work in a hurry and forgot to refill your marker from home. You got to work and that was when you realized what had happened. Of course, there’s ink at your place of work but the person with the key to where the ink is kept will not be in the office until the afternoon.

You tried working with the marker like that but the writings are so pale and faded, even you couldn’t make out the words. While you sat down feeling frustrated, your colleague came in. She had remembered to refill her own marker from home so she set down to work immediately.

Now those refillable markers stand for human bodies. One person remembered to refill herself by having her breakfast to have the nutrients that would serve as ink for her body to function. On the other hand, the other person did not refill himself, therefore wasn’t able to function properly.

What effect does breakfast have on your daily performance?

There are thirteen long hours in-between if you had dinner at 6 o’clock yesterday and you woke up by 7 o’clock the following morning. That’s already a long time to go without food. If you skip breakfast, that means you are adding about six hours to it which deprives your body of the ink it needs to function properly.

If you are the type of person that is very sensitive about your body. I mean, taking note of changes in your body in different situations, then you would have noticed the difference in your level of concentration and agility on days you had breakfast compared to days you didn’t. When you eat a good breakfast, it improves your level of creativity, concentration, agility, coordination and productivity.

When you skip breakfast, your body lacks certain nutrients that are responsible for having good and sound health which could lead to headaches and migraines. Skipping breakfast will have a negative effect on your mood which leads to low productivity.

What are good breakfast habits?

  • Eat breakfast within one hour after you wake up.
  • Instead of skipping breakfast because you don’t feel hungry or you are running out of time, you can make it simple by having a fast easy meal.
  • Eat healthy food: The goal is not just to eat, it is to eat right. Examples of ingredients to make healthy breakfasts are fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Ensure to include something hot or warm in your breakfast.
  • Have a flexible breakfast meal pattern: That is, don’t eat the same breakfast in a row. Be creative with your breakfasts.
  • Be stable while having breakfast: Don’t eat and work, don’t eat on the run, and don’t eat in the bus or car. Suspend every other thing and focus on your breakfast when having it.

The goal is not just to eat, it is to eat right.

What are bad breakfast habits? 

  • Poor food portioning: Overeating and undereating are both meal irresponsibility.
  • Not having meal plans: As bothersome as creating meal plans (timetable) might seem, it is essential as it helps you eat right as well as saves time.
  • Underestimating the importance of breakfast: This is what makes you have less focus on including breakfast plans in your daily plan mark out.

Let’s Wrap Things up

Let’s wrap things up in this piece with a thought-worthy quote.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

– Virgina Woolfe

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Blessing Omowumi

Blessing Omowumi (Shona) is a versatile content creator and copywriter with five years of experience working as a freelancer. She also studied Nutrition and Dietetics at The FedPolytechnic Ede. Follow & Connect on Instagram @g3shona

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