The Promise – a touching piece


I hope you remember you made a vow, the one you said you’ll care about then and now and you always be fair without foul, Of course you talked about security, which made it WOW.

What about a brighter future for the youths?

Parents and Teachers say we are the leaders of tomorrow, but do we have what it takes to be one?
I wonder what becomes a leader in a kid toiling in the streets, eating muds and drinking their own sweat with tears pouring out like libations….FUTURE LEADERS INDEED!

But how? When you’ve decided not to give us the opportunity to try.
You will claim the rule of law now allows the young to run but how can we get the chance with the expensive route into power?

Is it meant for only the rich to make it into power?
While the youths with great dreams to better our country suffer on the streets, awaiting the most popular routine:
” To vote, kill ourselves, and give them supremacy.”
But what do they do?

They make PROMISES, they create atrocities, they feed us with hunger, they secure us with harm, they provide us poverty and finally take our soul along.

They enclose deceit in the guise of job opportunities when obviously the opportunities has been taken by the so called leaders too.

Many sweet homes turn sour due to lack of money emanating from lack of job especially, many sad and ugly incidents because of it.

Subjects work hard and get little or no income while you just occupy a sit at your office and earn what an hardworking subject can’t accumulate in the next 100 years.

It’s funny how we hang a venomous snake around our neck like a beautiful ornament, giving it access of piercing our hearts,
but who could have helped?
Fundamental human Rights can, but so sad we know not our rights.

Courage can but the question is who has it?, Literacy could have solved it but Hypocrisy wouldn’t let it happen…

You can be careless about everything but be extra careful of the PROMISES you make,

There will be a day of reckoning someday.

© Mariam Aworinde

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