Give yourself a second chance

I’ve thought about committing Suicide and I felt like it’s the only option I’ve got… Yes!
I know it’s sounds weird but I hope you wouldn’t joke with it, these are real thoughts and experience…

What if I’ve done it?
What could have happened next?
Who would forgive me?
Will it end my plights?
Do I even know where I’m going?…

All these questions kept bothering me,
I thought of Mum and how bad she will be,
What about Dad?
Is he strong enough to bear the loss?

Siblings and families, what will be their fate?
Friends will be heartbroken,
But nevertheless, none would follow me to wherever I go.

I made it happen, they all cried but sure they will stop crying, they are hurt yet the wound will turn scars, perhaps they will meet better people.
Now I’m at the wrong side, I committed suicide ’cause I felt it’s the best option.

I did it cause I felt I will be relieved, Life is hard though but Death might be harder, no one goes and return for it’s too late when the head is cut off, definitely I have to run my race myself,
And I wish I could be given a second chance of living life again.

Suicide could be an option but I bet you it’s a bad one, as many times in life we feel we have no hope and everything is forsaken, But we forgot that life still gives a second Chance: Tomorrow!

Once you lived to see Tomorrow, you can always make changes.

You can make an impact so give up that suicide thought and Live to make your presence noticed and you will never be forgotten.

Say no to suicide

You will be happy you did!

 © Mariam Aworinde

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  1. Suicide: The pain that lingers even at death
    Nice work mee

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