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69 Responses

  1. good luck queen of beauty

  2. Owolabi says:

    Good luck

  3. Best of luck dear. I wish u well

  4. Chioma Ogbonna says:

    Thanks I really appreciate for this opportunity

  5. Precious Daniel says:

    Good luck

  6. Ukaobasi joy says:


  7. Clara says:

    Good luck dearie see u at the top

  8. Geoyencs Oluwarotimi Ayeni says:


  9. Ayam youcee says:

    Am with you mum…son loves you😘πŸ₯°

  10. Abejoye says:

    u are always at d top

  11. Congratulations πŸŽˆπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ in Advance

  12. Adewumi Adewale says:

    Contestant number 12…

  13. Tuga says:

    Contestant number 12

  14. Akomolafe Yassir moyosore says:

    Contestant no 12 deserves to wear the crown

  15. Hamed says:

    Elizabeth ikebuwa contestants number 12 deserves to win

  16. Hamed says:

    Elizabeth ikebuwa contestant number 12 deserves it

  17. Elizabeth ikebuwa more power to your elbow

  18. Larry says:

    Contestant 25, Praise Thom Daniel deserves to be the winner.


    Praise Thom Daniel contestant 25 wonderful person and easy going

  20. Tiwa says:

    Elizabeth ikebuwa contestants number 12

  21. Olaitan says:

    She on Lizzy, u deserve the win

  22. Alawiye grace says:

    Go beauty and the brain

  23. Esther Sia caandii says:

    Elizabeth ikebuwa contestants number 12 you are a motivational person keep it up damsel

  24. Esther Sia caandi says:

    Contestants 12 Elizabeth she’s such a wonderful person and a damsel an motivational person πŸ‘Œ you deserve it girl.

  25. Ameh Lister says:

    If anybody should take the prize it should be praise! Such an amazing person.

  26. Noni says:

    Contestant-9 (Precious) is indeed the pearl amongst the crowd. Her pose says it all; bold and gorgeous, simply befitting for the face of May.

  27. Faithful Anthony says:

    Contestant 9- Precious Ugochi is in no doubt deserving to be the face of May 2020. Her beauty, eloquency, spirit of hardwork and sociability distinguishes her and makes her outstanding from others!

  28. Miky says:

    Praise Thom Daniel deserves this award, uncompromising human being..trully without no doubt he merit it

  29. MI KY says:

    Praise Daniel is unique being I known for yrs,she truly deserves the award for her uncompromising nature for humanity 🌹🌹πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  30. Ndubuisi Blessing Chiamaka says:

    Contestant 12 deserve to wear the crown
    She is beautiful and fit for the crown

  31. Ode Christy says:

    Love you. Dear

  32. Anita iheoma says:

    You’re a victor Ella

  33. Anita iheoma says:

    Contestant 15:
    You got it baby,

  34. Irene Ariel Chloe says:

    She is a shooting star she deserves to wear the crown

  35. Emmanuella Rowland Is the most ideal model for this competition.

  36. LION_WALTER says:

    Contestant 9 #preciousugochi in no doubts deserves to be crowned the winner… Beyond her beauty lies a rare Spirit of BRAIN AND HARDWORK.

    • Irene Ariel Chloe says:

      Contestant 9
      #preciousugochi is a shooting star she deserves to wear the crown
      She is a star that everyone benefits not only from her light but of every good things inside of her, she is a RARE GEMS

  37. Geoyencs Oluwarotimi Ayeni says:

    Emmanella Rowlland deserves the crown. She’s got every attribute of a
    true champion. A beautiful and matured damsel. Cool and calm, brilliant and ingenious!

  38. Oluwatoyin Ayomide says:

    Contestants 15 deserve it
    Emmanuelle Rowland

  39. Queengold says:

    Contestant 15 all the way

  40. Ode Christy says:

    Sweetheart you are good to go

  41. Toriola says:

    Elizabeth ikebuwa deserve the prize

    • Loveth says:

      Elizabeth Ikebuwa truly deserves the price, she’s a true example of fun,kind,loving and a wonderful leader who never gives up for what she wants. She’s a queen.

  42. Happy okievor says:

    She’s good for the next fave of may 2020.

  43. gallantry samson says:

    This is a very good initiative by the organisers

  44. Maria says:

    Good luck lizzy!!

  45. sonia says:

    contestant 15

  46. Gloria says:


  47. Kvgtiga says:

    Hella beautiful queen

  48. Rowland Emmanuelle truly deserves this prize, she is a great lady of impact…she has a rare form of uniqueness.

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