Business Opportunity From Bio’s Beddings and Ankara Fabrics (BBAF)

Bios Beddings
Bios Beddings

My dear, stop complaining of no job, when you can actually create a profitable job with as low as 7,500 naira only.

Without an office or shop space, you can start beddings and Ankara fabrics business with just 5 pieces of our product at the comfort of your home and make great profit and turnover.

I have run my business from the comfort of my home for the past five years. You don’t need a shop to start my kind of business. With just your mobile phone you can place advert of your fabric materials on social media platforms and make supply at your customer’s request. You can also start by introducing your beddings and fabrics to church members, office colleague, school mates, family and friends. This method will help to  sell off your products as fast as possible.

Bio’s beddings and Ankara fabric deals on whole sale and retail on high quality materials. They do not fade neither do they wash. This makes Bio’s beddings and Ankara outstanding amongst others.

We have sheet for different bed sizes comprising of student bedside 4/6, 6/6 queen size, 6/7 king size and 7/7 double king sizes.



Student beds with one pillow case is N1700 while with two pillows N2000 and can be resold at N2700.

4/6 with two pillows cases is N2,200 while four pillow cases is 2,500 and can be resold at N3000 or N3,500.

6/6 with four pillow cases is N3,000 and can be resold for N4,000 and above.

7/7 with four pillow cases  is N3,500 and can be resold for N4,500 and above.

Duvets for bedside 4/6, 6/6 and 6/7 are sold at N10,500 and can be resold at the rate of N12,000 to N13,000.

The complete set of Duvet is sold at N13,500 and can be resold at N15,000 and above.

For size 7/7 duvet it is sold at N11,500, while the complete set is N14,500.


5 yards of New dry lace and Ankara is Sold at N2,900 and resold for N3,500 and above.

6 yards of Normal Ankara print is sold at N2,000 and resold for N2,500 or N3,000.

We deal on other types of fabric.

Discount Price is currently available for wholesale orders, Hurry now, while stock lasts.

Free Nationwide Delivery…Terms and Conditions Applies!

Contact us now:

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Call or Whatsapp: 07067920066, 07082134541

Instagram: @bios_fabrics

Facebook: Bio’s Beddings and Ankara Fabrics

Email: [email protected]                                 

Our Offices are located at:

HEAD OFFICE: Delta State, 99 P.T.I Road Efuru

BRANCH OFFICE: Port Harcourt, Rumuokoro, Pipeline Road 10, Rivers State

BRANCH OFFICE: Bayelsa, Elebele, Life Line Maternity, Bayelsa State.

“Opportunity they say, comes but once, Start your business Today with Bio’s Beddings and Ankara Fabrics”

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